Some Tips For A Good Blind Date

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Blind dates are the stuff of horror movies, right? Well, they don’t have to be. You can have a perfectly wonderful time with a blind date. There are some things you can do to help make sure that your blind date goes well.

Be nosey about the person. Don’t just agree to a blind date without getting some information on the person. You will be spending an entire evening with this person you should know something about them. See if you can arrange a telephone conversation before your date. You will get an opportunity to find out a little bit more about them if you can actually talk to them. This will prevent you from having too many surprises on date night.

If you can’t get a phone conversation try email. At the very least you might find out a thing or two about their personality before the date. This will go a long way to helping your nervousness about the date. If you have some information you will know what to expect.

Plan a casual date. Don’t go for the elegant dinner and theater date. It’s better to do something where you both can relax and enjoy the evening. A big production date will only serve to make both of your more nervous. A cozy quiet restaurant is a great choice for a blind date. You can have plenty of conversation over a nice dinner.

Remember first impressions. Even if your date is planned to be a casual night you should dress appropriately. Don’t show up in your old sweat suit and expect their impression of you to be good. Don’t overdress either; this will only make you very uncomfortable all night. Ladies, don’t wear revealing and suggestive clothing on a first blind date. Save it for a later date when you know this person a bit better.

Practice good manners on your date. There is never an excuse for poor manners. You are on a date and you should be showing your best side. Your date will appreciate it.

No matter how much preparation goes into your blind date things could still go wrong. It might be a lack of chemistry that is causing the problem or maybe you just don’t have anything in common. A bad date can also happen if both of the people are excessively nervous. Whatever the reason you should take the time to consider what could have caused the bad time.

Finally, the most important thing you can do on a blind date is have fun. You might just meet a new good friend or a great relationship.

Five Thoughtful Gift Items To Offer To A Blind Loved One

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Although blind individuals are unable to appreciate many things that involve the sense of sight, selecting a gift for an individual who can’t see does not have to be tricky. Gifts for the blind are actually numerous and can still perfectly express them your love, no matter what the occasion may be. The following are special presents which you can consider giving to individuals who’re visually impaired:

A Compact disc of their favorite songs

Music is a wonderful gift especially for individuals who are blind; after all, you don’t have to use your sense of sight in order to appreciate excellent music. Try to learn what the recipient’s favourite style of music is or if he or she loves a specific music band or music performer. And then get the newest Cd so that your loved one can appreciate listening to it.

An audio book

Audiobooks make it easier for the blind people to appreciate a great book. Ask the the receiver who his or her favourite author is and try to secure an audio book of that author’s recent work. You might also ask the person which books from the writer he or she does not yet have so you may get a copy of that. Another thing that makes audio books great is that many people could enjoy it while performing other things.

A ticket to a live concert

Live shows are often an excellent experience even for the visually impaired. An ideal replacement for giving a musical Compact disc will be a ticket to a live concert of the receiver’s most loved music performer. Browse the Web for concert and tour schedules of the music band or singer which you are planning to buy tickets to see. You can also order a ticket on your own so you and the recipient can appreciate the concert together. If the recipient does not have a favorite musician, another option will be a ticket for a live performance of a standup comedian or to a poetry reading.

A gift basket of food or a food trip

Foods could be an amazing sensory experience which can stimulate an invidual’s sense of smell, taste, touch and hearing. You may give your loved one a basket of various goodies or delicacies which you made yourself. An alternative will be to take him or her on a food trip to various food destinations. That way, you can enjoy bonding time while tasting a variety of amazing cuisine.

A relaxing massage

Several visually impaired individuals value the sense of touch as most of them depend on this sense for most of the activities in their daily life. You can give your loved one something, like a soothing massage, which can help her or him enjoy the sense of touch even more. This is an excellent gift especially if the recipient works hard and needs a relaxing break. Purchase a gift certificate to a massage therapy parlor or spa or plan an appointment that both of you can go to together.

You can make the gift you give extra special by including a recorded heartfelt message dedicated to the recipient.

Avoid Moving in with Your Girlfriend

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Sometimes when you and your girl have been together for a while, she usually ask for more commitment from you and she might persuade or treat you in a way that make you feel comfortable in her pad and asked you to move in with her. If you think you are not ready, here are some how to avoid it.

  • When your girlfriend start talking about future. You should tell her that you are not ready and still focusing to reach your career and financial goal before going into a much deeper relationship. Tell her that you want to provide your girlfriend with the best atmosphere possible when you have reached that goal.
  • Never leave too much of your personal belongings in her pad such as towel, toothbrush, hair gel, shaver, etc. That might give your girlfriend the feeling that you are ready to move in with her.
  • If she gave you her key to feed her kitten or water the plant, accept it but then return it once she came back to town or leave it in her house “accidentally” next time.
  • Even if you are a neat freak, don’t show your true self: leave dirty clothes, socks in your room and only clean up when necessary. Most girls don’t like dirty clothes on the floor, they will think twice before asked you to move-in after they saw it, although don’t over do it unless you want her to disgust you.
  • Complaint about her pad when you are in her place once in a while.
  • Emphasizes “home” as your house or apartment. Say something like, “Let’s head out to your place for a while, but then I need to go home before 11 PM”. This will show her that you still refer your place as your home.
  • Don’t spend too much time in her pad, your girlfriend should spend more time in your pad + outside instead of her pad.

The Meaning of Love

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“What is love?” was the top “What is?” search phrase of 2012, revealed Google. It’s a question that scientists, psychologists, philosophers, and people in love — or looking for love — the world over have debated since the beginning of time. Everybody’s experience of love is different, which makes the question a tricky one to answer. However, considering scientific, anthropological and psychological viewpoints may help to shed some light on what love means.

A Powerful Neurological Response

When you love someone, your brain releases a collection of powerful chemicals, including pheromones, dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin and vasopressin. These chemicals come into play regardless of the type of love, be it the love between parent and child or romantic love. Oxytocin is released during child birth and helps establish the strong, loving bond between mother and child, according to a 2011 study headed by obstetrician Navneet Magon of the Air Force Hospital in Kanpur, India, and published in the Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism. When a couple falls in love, their levels of oxytocin are higher than normal. New lovers tend to have double the amount of oxytocin typically found in pregnant women, as shown by a 2012 Bar-Ilan University study lead by Ruth Feldman and published in the journal Hormones and Behavior.

Love Is Blind

Certain parts of the brain effectively shut down during the initial stages of romantic, including those that govern negative emotions, planning and critical social assessment, asserts anthropologist Helen Fisher in the article “What Exactly is Love?” for The Independent. For around 18 months to two years, the loved one’s faults are ignored, making a long-term attachment more likely to form. Dr. Fisher believes that this attachment evolved to facilitate people tolerating one another at least long enough to rear a child together, but adds that partners in long-term relationships can feel surges of romantic love throughout the rest of their relationship.

Love Is a Commitment

When it comes to romantic love, scientists differentiate between the early stage of a relationship — lust — and the later stages of attachment and bonding. From an evolutionary viewpoint, love may be viewed as a survival strategy, which the human race has developed to protect long-term relationships, support children and encourage feelings of personal security that stem from love from family and friends, as well as romantic partners.

Love Is Out of Your Control

Romantic love isn’t something that can be planned — an arrangement to be negotiated the way a physically intimate relationship or a marriage may be. You can be open to falling in love and take steps to put yourself in the best position to encourage love to come your way, but you cannot decide how, when and where love expresses itself, says Deborah Taj Anapol, who holds a doctorate in clinical psychology, in the article “Love Without Limits” for Psychology Today.